The New Power Station


The New power station closed the fashion show. It was designed to represent the cleaner future for the western suburbs that replaced the coal powered station in the 1970’s. The design came about at the request of Donna Jackson, the artistic Director of the Art and Industry Festival.

p1040016Donna has thirty years experience as creative director of large-scale arts projects in both traditional and non-traditional environments. She has a demonstrated ability and willingness to work in a multitude of art forms, centred on authentic ideas of place and community and is driven by strong aesthetic decision-making. Donna is a recognised leader in engaging diverse audiences in arts projects, which are outside the norm. Check out her company’s website:



So, with Donna’s enthusiasm and insight, all I needed was a pen and aurlpiece of paper, my enthusiasm engaged with hers, I designed this glamorous’ tongue in cheek’ ode to the over bearing chimney of the

Newport Power Station that can be seen from miles around the western suburbs.

sequin-cuA design often comes to life once you find the ‘perfect’ fabric. Darn cheap fabrics ( provided this amazing fabric –large cream discs in consecutive rows representing the stones of the chimney.

The beautiful blue sun-ray pleating represents the blue sky that gives the chimney a back drop on a bright sunny day. The pleating was produced by a hidden treasure of The Victorian fashion industry – Specialty Pleaters in my local area, Williamstown North.

Since the last time I used the company, for the Ladies Who lunch Collection, the company has been at the point of closure. I’m so glad they are still working! Do click on ‘The Age’ article about them.

The display of the sun ray pleating definitively was a show stopper.

The Art & Industry Festival was produced by Donna Jackson's Hubcap Production in November 2016, in partnership with Hobsons Bay City Council.

At the back of the train was ruffled white organza, a bit of fun for me in the making and that extra ‘VaVa boom’ for the finale.


All in all designing and being part of the Art and Industry festival has been a a rewardingly creative opportunity.




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