Why ethical?

The textile and fashion industry plays a major role all over the world and is considered to be the second most polluting industry worldwide because it causes negative impacts on people.

No matter where we live, this problem exists everywhere around the world. As compassionate human beings, we must stand together and advocate for those who are victims of modern slavery. It's our responsibility to change this current system and to make a positive impact on our world.

   Our goal is to stop the human trafficking and the modern slavery which still exist today in manufacturing clothing. Our mission is to produce ethical fashion specifically tackling the social and commercial issues. 

We aim to attract fashion consumers to shop ethically at ALEXANDRA ZVI’s online store where 10% of profits will be donated to STOP THE TRAFFIK, an organization whose mission is to prevent, disrupt and abolish human trafficking and modern slavery.

Through ALEXANDRA ZVI (the label), our mission is to make a difference within the fashion industry.

Make a statement

Alexandra Zvi's Fifth Avenue collection celebrates timeless fashion for women who appreciate style and who dare to be the centre of attention. 


Be bold!

It's so easy to make a statement in Alexandra Zvi's Fifth Avenue collection. With rich, bright and bold colours, it has never been this effortless exuding confidence and power